Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goodwood Day 1

Day one of the another great English institution...gotta be brief as one is on lunchbreak.

2.15 -

Carvel win
Luberon place

2.50 -

Conduit win
Bougureu place

3.30 -

Il Warrd win

4.05 -

Spin Cycle win
Global City place

Going to take the Betfair SP's on all of those.

Good Luck Folks


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ascot & York

I'll be brief as I'm watching the cricket

Ascot -

2.35 - Pyrra €50 win

3.05 - Always a Rock €50 win

3.40 - Redford €50 win

4.20 - Lucano €50 win
McCarthur €25 place

York -

2.10 - Spring Tale €50 win

3.15 - Campologist €50 win

3.45 - Express Wish €50 win & €25 place

Good Luck


Friday, July 25, 2008

Newbury Results

2.20 - Balthazara's Gift €50 win @ 9.6 - €50
€25 place @ 2.48 + €87

3.25 - Senor Mirasol €50 win @ 14 - €25
€25 place @ 4.6 + €140

Not a bad day last Saturday, Senor Mirasol was very unlucky just getting pipped in a 3 way photo, one to keep an eye though.

End of Day Balance - €4,161

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Newbury SuperSprint

Two races to take a look at today at Newbury.

2.20 - Balthazara's Gift €50 win @ 9.6 & €25 place @ 2.48

Winner last year, looking at the trend books 4 winners came fter a run at Royal Ascot & he's won in Group class before.

3.25 - Senor Mirasol €50 win @ 14 @ €25 place @ 4.6

In good form, winner of his 1st two starts....looks very good value, has won on All weather & turf (GS) so should put on a good show. Breeding has high levels of speed sired by Deportivo & Cadeuax is in the brred line on the dam side so ticks all boxes.

Good Luck


Newmarket/Ascot/Chantilly & Curragh Results

Tough going last week, I think my losses during the week at the Newmarket festival clouded my judgement on betting so heavily on Ramonti.

I didn't see the race live but on the replays on ATR Ramonti just didn't get going, Bin Surror said he'd need the race but to come 5th in a Group 2 when he;d won 6 group 1's last year is a shock to say the least....still take it on the chin I suppose.

Newmarket -

14.00 -Cape Vale €50 win @ 15 - €50
Victorian Bounty €25 place @ 5 - €25
14.35 -Lucky Leigh €50 win @ 4.6 - €50
15.10 -Heaven Sent €50 win @ 6 - €50

Ascot -

14.55 - Ramonti €500 @ 3.23 - €500 ouch......


15.35 - Rio De La Plata €100 win @ 5.2 - €100


14.45 - Master Plaster €50 win @ 8.2 + €460

End of Week Balance - €4009

A very tough week all in all.....a race horse is very much like a beautiful woman.....Stunning, brings joy....good times a plenty but you need to know if the relationship has peaked and it's time to let go.

Ramonti & myself enjoyed our Summer of love last year but has he peaked and is it time to move on? It'll be make or break at Goodwood!!

Good Luck


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ascot 12/7

I'll be brief as little word need saying for todays selection.

Ramonti....just back this horse!

1.55 Ascot

Ramonti €5oo win @ 3.38

Good Luck


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Newmarket July Festival Day 1 - Falmouth Stakes Day

Day one of HQ's July festival....some familiar names involved today. Some went close at the Royal meeting hoping to go one better.

Three races to look at today -

14.00 -

Cape Vale €50 win @ 15
Victorian Bounty €25 place @ 5

14.35 -

Lucky Leigh €50 win @ 4.6

15.10 -

Heaven Sent €50 win @ 6

Good Luck


Monday, July 7, 2008

Eclipse & Irish Derby Results

Bit late in putting my Irish Derby weekend results up so here goes -

Newcastle -

2.10 - Zidane €50 win @ 3.2 - €50
2.45 - Barney McGrew €50 win @ 8.6 non runner
3.20 - Bukkit Tineggi €50 win @ 7.5 - €50

Curragh -Pretty Polly Stakes

Finciael Beo €100 win @ 2.8 - €100

Irish Derby -

Tarten Barer €100 win @ 2.5 - €100

End of Day Balance - €3,774

Coral Eclipse @ Sandown

Sandown -

15.20Mount Nelson €100 win @ 4.9 + €590
Campologist €50 place @ 3.35 - €50

End of Day Balance - €4,314

Be back on later in the week for the Newmarket July festival.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Coral Eclipse @ Sandown 5/7

Group 1 action at Sandown tomorrow at Sandown....some great horses have won this race in the past.

Winners usualy come via Royal Ascot and would need to be in winning form. I've two to go for tomorrow all being well.

My win selection is Mount Nelson, he caught my eye at Royal Ascot on the 1st day.....his run was blocked in the final furlong & I reckon he would have got in the frame had he got a clear path in.

Sad thing is it appears that the bookies share my opinion and make him around 7/2.

Another impressive Royal Ascot winner runnning tomorrow was Campologist, won by 3 lengths at Ascot in a decent field. Frankie has chosen to ride him, Goldolphin's group 1 form is in a sorry state this season but hopefully tomorrow's race & Goodwood can see their fortunes turn around.

Sandown - 15.20

Mount Nelson €100 win @ 4.9
Campologist €50 place @ 3.35

I'll post up my (bad) Irish Derby meeting results tomorrow.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

28th June Newcastle/The Curragh

Afternoon folks....I write to you from the Duck till Dawn Poker club in Nottingham where I'm playing in the Virgin Poker Festival.

I'll have ot be quick as play is going to start in half an hour.

3 Races to look at today -

Newcastle -

2.10 - Zidane €50 win @ 3.2
2.45 - Barney McGrew €50 win @ 8.6
3.20 - Bukkit Tineggi €50 win @ 7.5

Curragh -

Pretty Polly Stakes

Finciael Beo €100 win @ 2.8

Good Luck


Monday, June 23, 2008

Ascot Summary

Well I sit back at my desk in South Dublin......all over for another year. I have to say I loved it this year in Royal Berkshire.

Wednesday was a classy as ever, got there pretty early and the champagne had been flowing enroute, people milling about, taking photo's just taking in the splendor of Royal Ascot.

It was nice as one of my party had an £85 win from a fiver & it's the 1st year she's won, so everyone came away happy.

Friday I'd name is Esscot, far too packed, far too many women who have no idea how to dress and a fair few people there would not have seen a horse all day....Friday won't be on my request list this Autumn.

Here's my results from Friday & Saturday, didn't get to post my picks up as I flew back to Dublin on Saturday so couldn't get online in the morning.

14.05 - Conduit €50 win @ 4.6 + €230
Bronze Cannon €25 place @ 1.8 - €25
City Leader €25 place @ 2.26 - €25

14.45 - Spacious €150 win @ 4.3 - €150 (Jamie Spencer strikes again)
Rami Coya €25 place @ 7.8 - €25

15.55 - Nemo Spirit €25 win @ 75 (yes 75) non runner
Nemo Spirit €25 place @ 3.8 non runner
Gravitation €25 place @ 6.2 + €155

End of Day Balance - €4,174

Day 5 -

3.05 - McCarthur €50 win @ 3.6 + €180
Maraheel €50 win @ 5.6 - €50
Happy Boy €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

3.45 - Takeover Target €50 win @ 5.2 - €50
Kingsgate Native €25 place @ 4.5 + €113
US Ranger €25 place @ 2.8 - €25

End of day Balance - €4,317

Slightly up in the end on the blog bets....I had some decent each wayers up on the days I was there but no massive wins to speak of. The Goldoplin need to get their 1st string back in action for Goodwood....I need to see Ramonti back on the course.

After all is said and done, the champers no longer in the fridge, the suit in the drycleaners and the racecard placed on the shelf with the others I don't think I'll make 25k, I reckon I'll get to 10 with Goodwood round the corner.

I could up my level stake but that's the road to the poor house.

Catch you at the weekend for two listed races at Newcastle.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ascot Day 3 Results & Day 4 Selections

Another tough day for me at Ascot & it's been a tough June and looks like being my 1st month of negative equity.

Still two days to go so must remain positive.

I head to the hallowed course again tomorrow for a friend's birthday but I intend to slow down on the champers for this trip.

Now I'm needing Spacious to run another big race tomorrow like she did in the 1000 Guinees to get my week back in the green.

Here's today results if you can bare to look -

14.30 - South Central €50 @ 3.5 + €225
Certio €25 place @ 2.28 - €25

15.05 - Cape Amber €50 win @ 5.4 - €50

15.45 - Geordieland €50 win @ 13 - €50
Regal Flush €25 place @ 4.7 - €25

16.20 - Hurrican Hymbook €50 win @ 10.5 - €50

End of Day Balance - €4,014

So €25 up for the day....better in my pocket than theirs I suppose.

Day 4 -

14.05 - Conduit €50 win @ 4.6
Bronze Cannon €25 place @ 1.8
City Leader €25 plave @ 2.26

14.45 - Spacious €150 win @ 4.3
Rami Coya €25 place @ 7.8

15.55 - Nemo Spirit €25 win @ 75 (yes 75)
Nemo Spirit €25 place @ 3.8
Gravitation €25 place @ 6.2

Good Luck Folks


Ascot Day 3

I write to in a champagne haze from yesterday....Royal Ascot was it's amazing self yesterday and it lives up to the hype and expectation every year.

Didn't get a chance to put any selections up yesterday but only one winner in Duke of Marmalde and two places to speak of.

Day 1 Results -

14.30 - Lingarri €25 place @ 3.05 - €25
Mount Nelson €25 place @ 10.5 - €25

15.05 - Fleeting Spirit €50 win @ 3.4 - €50
Kingsgate Native €25 place @ 3.4 - €25
Captain Gerrard €25 place @ 7.2 (non runner)

15.45 - Falco €50 win @ 8.2 - €50
Ravens Pass €25 place @ 2.8 + €95
De La Plata €25 place @ 3.4 (non runner)

16.20 - Orziba €50 win @ 4.2 - €50

End of Day Balance - €3989

Selections for Today - Gold Cup Day

14.30 - South Central €50 @ 3.5
Certio €25 place @ 2.28

15.05 - Cape Amber €50 win @ 5.4

15.45 - Geordieland €50 win @ 13
Regal Flush €25 place @ 4.7

16.20 - Hurrican Hymbook €50 win @ 10.5

Good Luck Folks


Monday, June 16, 2008

Royal Ascot Day 1 17/6

The day is finaly here....Royal Ascot begins. Five days of 1st class flat horses racing, for me it's the finest sporting spectacle on the planet.

I'll be attending on Wednesday & Friday this year and keenly tuning into the BBC for the rest of it.

Here's my betting for the 1st day -

14.30 - Lingarri €25 place @ 3.05
Mount Nelson €25 place @ 10.5

15.05 - Fleeting Spirit €50 win @ 3.4
Kingsgate Native €25 place @ 3.4
Captain Gerrard €25 place @ 7.2

15.45 - Falco €50 win @ 8.2
Ravens Pass €25 place @ 2.2
Rio De La Plata €25 place @ 3.4

16.20 - Orziba €50 win @ 4.2

Good Luck Folks and Enjoy Ascot


Orziba €50 win @ 4.4

King Stand Stakes -

Lingarri €25 @ 3.05

Friday, June 13, 2008

Epsom Results 13/6

Didn't get a chance to post before the Derby but my earlier posts would've outlined who I was going for ante post anyhow.

Epsom this year is the only festival I've been on the losing side on...it had to happen I suppose, lots of big trends broken but worthy winners of the biggeies none the less. Only had one yes ONE winner in two days of Group Class horse racing....The Derby being the winner!!

Rose Bowl Handicap -2.45 - Escape Route €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

Coronation Cup - 3.25 - McCarthur €50 win @ 13 - €50
Red Rocks €25 place @ 4.2 - €25
Soldier of fortune €50 lay @ 2.7 - €135

Oaks 4.05 - Lush Lashes €50 win @ 3.5 - €50
Cape Amber €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

End of Day Balance - €3,839

Derby - I didn't get online before the day itself, it was a great day....headed down to Surrey, called into my old Boss for a beer enroute. It was a friends birthday so 10 of us piled into the Grandstand. It's not finished but the Epsom "vibe" was there as it always is and it was great stood there gazing over thousands of people having a great time sharing one common interest.

Well the race itself was shrowded in doubt with New Approach entering the frame and Jim Bolger doing his best to enforce the steriotypical Irishman act.

I'd had €100 on New Approach since his Dewhurst win in October 2007 (following the Sir Percy trend) but I'd gone big on Rio de la Plata who come 7th. Plus I'd had Indian Pass in the Dash before the Derby....2nd!!

Dash - Indian Pass €50 win @ 3.6 - €50

The Derby - New Approach €100 win @ 4.8 + €580
Rio De La Plata €150 win @ 22 - €150
Rio De La Plata €100 place @ 6.2 - €100

End of Day Balance - €4,119

Ascot next week, cannot fucking WAIT!! I've been dealt a huge blow, it's hit me like a death of a reletive....Ramonti will not be running. Bless him he's not fully fit and the Goldolphin are going to save him for Goodwood, also Creachdior is out, maybe for good. So that's two bankers down for the week.

I have high hopes for joyfull horses such as Aussie star Takeover Target, Irish hopes Septimus & Duke of Marmalade & Henry the Navigator, where the Godophin are going to find a winner is tough to see. Rio de La Plata might nick a place behind Henrythenavigator but who knows.

Good Luck and I'll be on for next week.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oaks Day Epsom 6/6

The joy begins on the Epsom downs tomorrow afternoon as the Oaks is run.

3 Biggies tomorrow to take a look at -

Rose Bowl Handicap -

A recent win is important here and 4 & 5 year olds rule the 10 years trends.

2.45 - Escape Route €25 place @ 3.8

Coronation Cup -

An excellent race for older horses -

Recent form is paramount and the Dubai World Cup & Ormende @ Chester prove good feeder grounds for this Group 1.

It leaves me with Red Rocks & McCarthur

3.25 - McCarthur €50 win @ 13
Red Rocks €25 place @ 4.2

Horses having their 1st run of the season tend to not fair well, that puts a line through Soldier of fortune for me.

3.25 - Soldier of fortune €50 lay @ 2.7


The fillies Derby - winners spring board to fame is rare, Ouija Board being the exception.

Need to have won last time out, The Musidora @ York is the most successful trial.

I'm going for Lush Lashes & Cape Amber

4.05 - Lush Lashes €50 win @ 3.5
Cape Amber €25 place @ 3.8

Good Luck Folks


Friday, May 16, 2008

Chester Results & York

Not had a second to write....sorry for my tardyness!

Results of the last blog are here -

Chester 2.45 -

All the Aces - €25 place @ 3.8 + 120
Pampas Cat - €50 win @ 4.2 - 50

2.15 -Maraahel - €50 win @ 2.8 - 50

3.15 -Aversity - €50 win @ 7.4 - 50

End of Day Balance - €4249

French Guniess -

Rio De La Plata - €100 win @ 2.3 - €100

End of Day Balance - €4149

Had bets in the big four at York this week without much joy if I'm honest, not got time to type it all out but I'm €350 down despite backing Geordieland for a place....My sentimental bet for the week Sergant Cecil let me down but he owes me nothing god love him.

The Derby trial was an interesting one....none of the Godolphin horses have run well all week. They've got 4 big 3 year old hopes and none have run well at all in the trials.....Rio De La Plata should have won the French Gunieas with easy but Frankie was showing off in my opinion.

New approach beaten, Henry the Nav isn't an Epsom horse, Rio De La Plata beaten, Il Khabldun beaten, Henry Cecil's horses beaten......when it comes to the Derby for the 1st time in 10 years I can honestly say I have no idea who will win.

I thought this year would be a big year for the royal blue but it's not gone their way and the Classic form and trials are not pointing to a winner yet.

The Oaks is the same....it's all a mystery, still I love it!!

I fly home tomorrow so posting maybe an issue as will getting a bet on!

Till then Good Luck


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chester Derby Trial 8th of May

Missed the 1st day of Chester.....had too much on at work to even have a look at the cards. Quite glad as some funny results came up.

A month away from the big day and the 1st Derby trial is run tomorrow over the Derby distance of 1mile 4.

I'm looking for a horse that has won over a challenging track and run in the last month or so & preferably winning.

I'm left with two hopefulls -

Chester 2.45 -

All the Aces - €25 place @ 16
Pampas Cat - €50 win @ 4.2

2.15 -

Maraahel - €50 win @ 2.8

3.15 -

Aversity - €50 win @ 7.4

Good Luck Folks


Sunday, May 4, 2008

That's Right....Another Group 1 Festival

and another spanking for the bookies......aint that a shame.

Fantastic and I mean FANTASTIC ride from Natagora....what a horse she'll be, lead post to post...I'm overcome with joy.

3.20 NewmarketNatagora €100 win @ 4.5 + €550

End of day Balance €4,279

See you next week for the French Guineas.

1000 Guineas @ Newmarket

It's the girls turn today for the 1000 Guineas....3 year old fillies only.

I'm loving Natagora in this, a French grey filly who has only lost once in 6 starts....such a good horse.

3.20 Newmarket

Natagora €100 win @ 4.5

Good Luck


Saturday, May 3, 2008

2000 Guineas Roundup

Gotta say there's only one man who got it right at Newmarket this afternoon and that's JohnnyMurtagh. Brilliant ride.....The Goldolphin got it wrong today, Rio de la Plata should've run here and New Approach seemed to have done too much to early.

Still had a couple up for damage limitation but I am banging my head against a brick wall this afternoon.

3.25 @ Newmarket

Rio De La Plata €100 win ante post @ 22 - €100 (non runner)
New Approach €100 win ante post @ 4.4 - €100
Ibn Khaldun €100 win @ 5.2 - €100
Moynahan €25 place @ 13 - €25

2.45 - Heaven Sent €50 win @ 2.75 + €188
4.00 - Damlika €25 place @ 4.9 + €147
Tajneed €25 place @ 3.5 - €25

End of Day Balance - €3729

2000 Guineas Meeting @ Newmarket

Let the joy begin....the 1st Classic of the year is the 2000 Guineas @ Newmarket. The 200th running of this historic race is call the 2000 Guineas because that was the original entrance fee way back when.

Only 3 year old colts can race in this and 3 big trends to look at to find yourself in the frame.

The Dewhurst Stakes @ Newmarket run on Champions day last October, the winner is nearly always in the frame come the Guineas or the Derby. Last year's was a wash out with the 1, 2 in the 2006 Dewhurst both retired but the 05 Dewhurst was won by Sir Percy (winner of the 06 Derby and runner up in the 06 Guineas).

A group 1 winner

And a season reappearance (1st run of the season)

3 horses went into the hat with these stats.....New Approach (winner of last years Dewhurst), Ibn Khaldun (winner of last years Racing Post trophy) & Rio de La Plata (winner of the French Dewhurst).

The latter is going to the French Guineas next week (talk to you about that tomorrow) so it leaves me with -

New Approach & Ibn Khaldun.

3.25 @ Newmarket

Rio De La Plata €100 win ante post @ 22 - €100 (non runner)
New Approach €100 win ante post @ 4.4
Ibn Khaldun €100 win @ 5.2
Moynahan €25 place @ 13

2.45 Heaven Sent €50 win @ 2.75

4.00 Damlika €25 place @ 4.9
Tajneed €25 place @ 3.5

Good Luck & catch you tomorrow for the 1000!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Punchestown/Sandown Roundup

Not been on for a while....family crisis an all that so apologies for my absence.
Anyway....had a great day down at the course last Thursday, great food & drink and a nice result. Punchestown is a great course, it's kinda just outside of Dublin, kinda like Epsom is to London.

It seems ages since my last blog, but in truth it's only over a week so I've had to go back through the account to remember what I've bet on. I'm not into posting up results after the event but I hope you'll respect my honesty.

Punchestown - 24/4 -

2.30 - Homer Woods €50 win @ 4.6 - €50
Boulavogue €25 place @ 4.2 + €130

3.05 - Ferney's Well €50 win @ 5.8 - €50

3.40 - Conor Castle €50 win @ 5.2 - €50

4.15 - Dev €50 win @ 6.2 - €50

4.50 - Blazing Baily €100 @ 5.2 + €620

End of Day Balance - €2112

Punchestown Day 25/5

3.45 - Notable Du Estraval €50 win @ 6.2 - €50

4.20 - Punjabi €50 win @ 3.2 + €210

End of day Balance - €2272

Punchestown & Sandown 26/5

Punchestown 4.20 - Franchoek €50 @ 2.1 - €50

Sandown -

1.40 - Penzance €25 place @ 2.7 - €25

2.10 - Full House €50 win @ 11.5 - €50
Mexican Pete €25 place @ 3.5 + €112

2.40 - Andreas €50 win @ 3.4 + €220
Pablo Du Charmil €25 place @ 3.7 - €25

3.20 - Iris de Balme €50 win @ 4.9 - €50
Monkerhostin €50 win @ 24 + €1250 (I thought he had no chance but he's one of my all time favs and will always back him)

3.55 - Major Cadeux €50 win @ 2.8 + €190

End of Day Balance - €3,844

All in all a very good week, given the stress I was under I had my best week of the challenge, once again I apologise for not posting last weekend. Monkerhostin was sublime, 11 years old and destroying the field....he nicked a place for me at the open Festival earlier in the season so 2 out of two for one of my most profitable horses in my punting career.

The real stuff starts tomorrow with the 2000 Guineas. I've had two ante post bets which one is already down.

Newmarket 2000 Guineas -

Rio De La Plata €100 win @ 22 - €100
New Approach €100 win @ 4.4

Balance - €3,744

I'll be back on for the Guineas festival tonight or tomorrow....till then


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Punchestown Day 2

Day 1 - Slightly down on the day....Cork All Star was disappointingly and Masony left it too late but nicked a place for damage limitation.

2.30 - 1st Down Jets €25 place @ 2.36 - €25
3.05 - Cork All Star €25 place @ 1.84 - €25
3.40 - Masony €25 win @ 5.9 - €25
€25 place @ 1.93 + €74

End of Day Balance €1578

Day 2..... I'll crack this out pretty quick as one has work to do before heading off to Pucnhestown for the day tomorrow.

3.05 - Temlett €25 place @ 2.74

3.40 - Galient €25 win @ 5.3

4.15 - Neptune Colonge €25 win @ 2.22
Mossbank €25 place @ 1.55
Beef or Salmon €25 place @ 6.2 (rude not back the old boy)

4.50 - One Cool Cookie €25 place @ 3.55

5.25 - Corkskeagh Royle €25 win @ 5.9

Good Luck folks


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Punchestown Day1

Day one of the Punchestown festival here in Ireland kicks off today. To be honest with the real stuff starting Saturday week I'm not going risk too much of my bankroll on this but a few have asked me what I think so here goes.

2.30 - 1st Down Jets (nothing to do with my time in NY watching the Jets) €25 place @ 2.36

3.05 - Cork All Star €25 place @ 1.84

3.40 - Masony €25 win @ 5.9 @ €25 place @ 1.93 - (9 year olds have dominated this race for the last ten years. Masony has had a lightish campaign and the ground should suit.

Good Luck


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ayr Results

Frustrating day with the bookies just edging it. Nolan pissed me right off, best horse in the race and went down, Penzance didn't get going and I was suprised to see him run the way he did but Alan King and Choc Thornton put a great effort in for 2nd in the National.

2.40 - Nolan win €50 @ 1.38 - €50

3.00 - Penzance €50 place @ 1.4 - €50

3.40 - Halcon Genelardias €25 place @ 3.15 + €104
Leading Man €25 place @ 5.1 - €25

End of Day Balance €1604

Be on for Pucnhestown next week


Friday, April 18, 2008

Scottish National Day @ Ayr

The last of the big jumps days of the season is tomorrow at Ayr - Scottish Champion Hurdle and Scottish National are to be contested.

I'm going to take a look at 3 races on the card. 1st being the Future Champion Chase - Paul Nicholls has a great record in this race, seven year olds have won 4 out of the last ten making them the most prolific age group and favourites have been very successful recently.

2.40 - Nolan win €50 @ 1.38

Next is the Scottish Champion Hurdle, some well raced horses line up and I'm looking for something lightly raced for a place. Penzance is a good horse, won the Triumph Hurdle at Cheltenham and has had a good but light campaign this season.

3.00 - Penzance €50 place @ 1.4

Scottish National is next, I've drawn a line through anything not aged 8, needs to have at least placed last time out and run over 3 miles 3.

3.40 - Halcon Genelardias €25 place @ 3.15 & Leading Man €25 place @ 5.1

Good Luck folks....I'll be back on for Punchestown next week then it gets serious with the 2000 Guineas on the 2nd of May.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grand National Results

Superb specticle of a days racing, huge crowds and huge money bet. I drew a blank on the race as I was disapointed to see L'ami one of the 1st to fall and Butler's Cabin who seemed to be cruising crashing at Beecher's Brook....Still Pipe/Murphy combo were worthy winners with Comply or Die.

2.15 - Takeroc €50 win @ 3.2 - €50
2.50 - Osana €50 win @ 3.6 - €50
My Way De Zolzen €25 place @ 2.04 - €25
3.25 - Forest Pennant €25 place @ 2.38 + €84
4.15 - Butler's Cabin €50 win @ 21 - €50
L'ami €25 place @ 9.8 - €25
Philson's Run €25 place @ 8 - €25

All in all a decent and entertaining week's racing highlighted by Voy Por Ustedes putting himself back on the top of the 2 mile chasing pile, wher he rightfully belongs.

End of Day Balance €1625

Be back on the 16th for Newmarket.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Grand National Day

A good day yesterday but I was frustrated with Tony McCoy who yet again bottled it on two favourites. Still I was delighted to see Voy Por Ustedes whip Master Minded by 18 lengths....what a hero of a horse he is and I apologise whole heartly for only putting him down for a place.

Just to recap on yesterdays activity -

2.00 - Albertas Run €50 win @ 2.66 - €50 (twat McCoy)

Big Bucks €25 place @ 1.72 + €68

2.35 - Souffleur €25 place @ 2.78 - €25

3.10 - Voy Por Ustedes €25 place @ 1.85 + €71 The true champion chaser!

3.45 - Natal €50 win @ 16.5 - €50

Botha Na €25 place @ 4.6 + €140

4.20 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 2.36 - €50 (twat McCoy)

Greenbridge €25 place @ 2 - €25

4.55 - Alderburn €25 place @ 3.25 + €106

5.30 - Arguto Luna €25 place @ 3.15 - €25

End of Day Balance €1,761

National Day -

Now let's be honest I would a 4 mile, grade 3 handicap chase usualy grb my attention......no but as it's the National I just have to marvel in the specticle of it all. The Aintree fences are savage for both horse and jockey and a braver man than me would mount a horse come 4.15 this afternoon.

But a good card to preceed all that -

2.15 - Takeroc €50 win @ 3.2

2.50 - Osana €50 win @ 3.6 @ My Way De Zolzen €25 place @ 2.04

3.25 - Forest Pennant €25 place @ 2.38

The National

I've been on Butler's Cabin for some time now anti post €50 @ 21,he won the Irish National last year and the winner of that race has figured in the frame 6 times in the last 10 years.

In the placings, I like a horse that has got round before and hs had a run in the last 45 days, aged around 10 and not weighed down over 11st 2.

I give you L'ami who was 10th last year, Philson's Run who was 4th last year.

4.15 -

Butler's Cabin €50 win @ 21

L'ami €25 place @ 9.8

Philson's Run €25 place @ 8

Good Luck folks


Friday, April 4, 2008

Aintree 4/4

The big day before the national sees some very good horses line up and some Cheltenham framers & some Cheltenham heros like Captain Cee Bee bless him.

I have a bout of flu so I'll make it quick

2.00 - Albertas Run €50 win @ 2.66& Big Bucks €25 place @ 1.72

2.35 - Souffleur €25 place @ 2.78

3.10 - Voy Por Ustedes €25 place @ 1.85

3.45 - Natal €50 win @ 16.5 & Botha Na €25 place @ 4.6

4.20 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 2.36 & Greenbridge @ 2

4.55 - Alderburn €25 place @ 3.25

5.30 - Arguto Luna €25 place @ 3.15

I'll be back on tonight for the National.

Good Luck


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dubia Results

A frustrating day in the desert twas last Saturday with Frankie having a winless day and some odd results thrown up.

2.40 - Blackcat Kitten €50 win @ 4 - €50
Elusive Warning €25 place @ 1.48 + €62

2.15 - My Indy €25 place @ 1.71 - €25

2.55 - Diabolical €50 win @ 4.3 - €50
Idiot Proof €25 place @ 2.28 + €82

3.55 - Literato €25 win @ 4.8 - €25
Darjina €25 place @ 3.05 + €101
Creachadoir €25 place @ 2.56 - €25

4.40 - West Win €25 place @ 5.5 - €25
Gravitas €25 place @ 12 - €25

5.30 - Curlin €50 lay @ 1.39 - €69
Jilhil €25 win @ 9.8 - €25
Asiatic Boy €25 place @ 2.74 + €93

Slightly up and I mean slightly, some placings got me out of what could have been a bad day.....still better in my pocket thn theirs!

End of Day Balance €1601

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dubai World Cup

Today in the oil rich desert of Dubai the World Cup of flat racing takes place with a staggering £1.8 million up for grabs.
The world's best horse was Dylan Thomas but that mantle has now been given to a horse called Curlin, all the way from America & is (in my opinion) not unbeatable but the bookies are running scared and he is as short as 2/5 with some shops (you need to put 5 quid on to win 2), this is good as this makes him an Essex girl (an easy lay) on Betfair/Betdaq but also gives much higher value to any other horse in the race.
I'm hoping for big performance from Lanfranco Detorri and his stable today, I want to see plenty of royal blue 1st past the post....My selections are a bit of a Frankie lovein but it's their track, their meeting and suits them for just about everything.

1.40 - Blackcat Kitten €50 win @ 4 & Elusive Warning €25 place @ 1.48
2.15 - My Indy €25 place @ 1.71
2.55 - Diabolical €50 win @ 4.3 & Idiot Proof €25 place @ 2.28

3.55 - Literato €25 win @ 4.8, Darjina €25 place @ 3.05 @ Creachadoir €25 place @ 2.56

4.40 - West Win €25 place @ 5.5 @ Gravitas €25 place @ 12

5.30 - Curlin €50 lay @ 1.39, Jilhil €25 win @ 9.8 & Asiatic Boy €25 place @ 2.74

Had no joy in the Irish National last Monday so my account balance is now €1582

Come on Frankie!!!

Good Luck

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Irish Grand National & Doncaster Results

Not a great start to the flat season with only one return in 6 bets but the flat season is a marathon not a sprint (except some of it is a sprint!).

2.50 - Zaahid €50 win @ 4 - €50
Don't Panic €25 place @ 2.5 + 87.5

3.25 - Advanced €50 win @ 11 - €5o
Lady Grace €25 place @ 5.1 - €25

4.00 - Rio River €50 win @ 9.8 - €50
Very Wise €25 @ 5.3 - €25

End of day balance €1657

The Irish National is on at Fairyhouse tomorrow, I had last years winner Butler's Cabin a a decent price so more of the same needed this year.

Most think a "National" is a close your eyes and point a pin or pick something with your girlfriends name in it but there are many stats to follow to shortlist a few hopefuls.

A quick run through some of the key trends for the race over the last ten running -

Only one winner aged 10 or over with 7 & 8 year olds being the most successful age group.
Only two winners over 11 stone with the weight bracket bringing in the most winners being 10 st.
There's no real trainer form to follow so it's all about the horse.
Favourites have a shocking record over the last ten years with 7 of the last 10 winners having had double figured odds.

I'm going for Well Run in this, fits all the stats, is in good nick and has won over course, ground and distance.

Fairyhouse 3.55 - Well Run €50 win @ 20.5 & €25 place @ 4.4

Good Luck Folks


Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Flat is Back

It's time to hang up the the tweed jacket and grandad cap for another year and dust off the top hat n tails the flat season starts today.

I've just recovered from Cheltenham and from what I've heard and read I seem to be in the minority that ended the week in the green so one gives thanks for that.

The flat is my thing, coming from the South of England Ascot,Newmarket, Goodwood and Epsom are in striking distance from my once home. Many an afternoon spent in the company of such greats as Lamtarra, Ouija Board, Sir Percy, High Chaperal,Takeover Target,Rockof Gibralter and recently Ramonti.

But the sunny Newmarket mile is a little over two months away and the Derby and Ascot are still a mark on the calender so the Shiek's helicopter comes into the Costa del Doncaster for the afternoon.

I'll look at three races this afternoon starting with:

Doncaster Spring Mile

A fresh horse does well historically here, who is aged 4 or 5 and is at the head of the market. I shall go for the favourite as his sire Sakhee was a champion miler and a highish draw should help.

2.50 - Zaahid €50 win @ 4
Don't Panic €2 place @ 2.5

Cammidge Trophy

The 1st big sprint of the year and I'll look for a horse that is again fresh and would have needed to have been in the Wentworth Stakes on this track last term or a big field handicap at Newmarket.

Two stand out for me.....Advance won the Ayr Gold Cup and Lady Grace did well at Newmarket last time out, it's a stiff task for her but she's good for a place in my opinion.

3.25 - Advanced €50 win @ 11
Lady Grace €25 place @ 5.1

Lincoln Heritage Handicap

Big race of the day and a big field, again I'm looking for a horse that performed well at a big field at Newmarket and ideally aged 4 - 6.

Two eye catchers here that have been given either a high or low draw.

4.00 - Rio River €50 win @ 9.8
Very Wide €25 @ 5.3

Good Luck Folks....I'll be back on either tomorrow or Monday for the Irish National.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cheltenham Result's

Well it's Sunday and the end of a very event full week. It started in sunny Spain at The Ramonti Residence, I st on my balcony soaking up the sun a world away from the gale force winds and lashing rain at home.

I'd spend months MONTHS with my head in form books, stats books, making endless notes on horses and trainers on racingpost.co.uk, watching reruns of races on attheraces.com and youtube. It can get obsessive but there's no point putting your money down with out the information to hand.....anyway that's what I think.

My system is to back horses on the strength of the previous 10 years stats, age, trainer, key trial races, betting patterns and form.

The 1st day my trusty trend knowledge served me well with a handsome €700 odd profit, but with a 5 year old (Katchit) breaking all the trends in the Champion Hurdle it started to put doubt in my mind that it might be one of those weeks......and it was.

So by the end of the days play on Tuesday I'm up and feeling good, I leave the sunshine of Spain and head back to Dublin where I'd watch the racing from the living room, but Gail force winds force the course directors to call it off and the races would be run on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday comes, I'm up, showered, shaved dress in my best and ready to go racing. Nothing beats being there but today was one of those days when all the annoyance of the year at work, the pricks who try my patience day after day, the things I disagree with & even the run up to Christmas 2006 all washed away when I stepped out of the balcony of Channel 4's box and looked out onto the course and in line with the finish line.

A racing fan couldn't get a better view and when I've figured out how to get the photo's off of my phone I'll stick them up. I kinda pride myself on the sporting events I've been to in my time (spent far too much money going to them but hey) but this had to be one of the best....couple of winners would have been nice!!

As much as it was great getting 10 top class races on Thursday, I would have prefer ed the week to have taken it's natural course, there was no rest bite and stakes were a little high for one days racing for me.

I travelled back a little merry to Dublin with my party, I got in about 1am....set my alarm as I had tickets for Gold Cup day and flights & catching up in London to do after.....but no, I was as sick as a pig when I woke up. I got showered and dressed, felt better then left the house only to get as far as the end of the drive and my day was all over. It was tough sending the text to the lads saying I wasn't going to be there.

Gold Cup day - I'd looked forward to it since last year, I should have been in Betfair's tent, swigging a nice pint, chatting away, pocket's bulging but I was at home lay ed out on my sofa with the duvet over me feeling worse than ever.

Voy Por Ustedes and My Way De Zolzan losing created a great big dent in Tuesday's profit and the 1st three races I had interest didn't help so bring on the Gold Cup. I can't remember the last time I'd picked up the Racingpost without there being some sort of reference to the Kauto Star v Denman head to head.

For those who read my pre Gold Cup post I'd pointed out that Kauto Star has had everything his own way this season and I had reservations about his stamina if tested. The race was run how I called it with Denman taking up the lead with a circuit to go. His jumping was sublime and the pace he set forced Kauto Star into mistakes as the turned for home Sam Thomas stoked up the tank and away he went.

Kauto Star battled for 2nd but was a beaten horse 4 fences out.....Denman got me back to winning ways but with 70% of the money bet on the Gold Cup going on Kauto Star it's great satisfaction to prove so many racing journalist wrong but the bookies cleaned up but they didn't clean up from everybody. I'd backed my system through out knowing it was the way to go and it backed me in my hour (or 6 and a half minutes) of need.

Here's the tale of it all.....

Tuesday -

2.00 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 9.6, €25 place @ 3.9 - + €652

Sentry Duty €25 win @ 12.5, €25 place @ 3.95 - €50

2.35 - Nolan €50 win @ 3.25 - €50

3.15 - Osana €50 win antipost @ 14.6, €50 win @ 8.8 - €100 (well pissed off)

16.00 - Bob Hall €25 win @ 23 - €25

16.40 - Garde Champetre €50 win @ 6.6 + €380

Heads on the Ground €25 win @ 7.5 - €25

17.20 - Ashkazar €50 win @ 3.7 - €50

End of day balance €1,891

Thursday -

12.30 - Pass it on €25 place @8.4 - €25

13.05 - Silverburn €40 win @ 9.2 & €25 place @ 3.05 -€65
Verasi €25 place @ 6 - €25

13.40 - The Hairy Lemon €25 place @ 5.7 - €25

14.20 - Voy Por Ustedes €50 win @ 4 - €50
Twist Magic €25 win @ 4 - €25

14.55 - Turko €40 win @ 7.2 - €40

15.3o - My Way De Solzen €40 win @ 6.5 - €40

16.05 - Oedipe €25 place @ 4.2 - €25

Crozan €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

Patman Du Charmil €25 place @ 4.9 - €25

End of day balance €1,571 ouch!!

Gold Cup Day

13.05 - Breedsbreeze €50 win @ 10.5 - €50

13.40 - Song of Songs €50 win @ 8.2 - €50

14.15 - Franchoek €100 win @ 2.46 (you prick McCoy) - €100

15.30 - Denman €100 win @ 2.98 + €398 (told you all along)

End of week balance €1,769

So I'm €610 to the good for the week which taking into consideration the bookies have had the spoils over the course of the week I've not done badly. Thursday was a hard day on the bottom line and I'm thinking if I'm to make this goal of €25,000 I need my system to stand up in the big races and some funny things happened this week but it started well and it ended well.

I loved it this week, a real race fans week but the old foe banked a few quid but not off of me!

So up for the week and up for the year. Aintree in three weeks time so talk to you then.



Friday, March 14, 2008

€uro Millions

A mate back home & I have collaborated on an eachway acca that could net a million €/£.

You need a 1€/£ each way accumulator on the following -

12.30 - Gaspara
1.05 - Breedsbreeze
1.40 - County Zen
2.15 - Francheok
2.50 - Thetotherone
3.30 - Denman
4.05 - Bon accord
4.40 - saint saire
5.20 - Lark wing

If all of those horses place in their races at Cheltenham today for a 2 €/£ stake you'll net 1,000,000 plus, it's just bit of fun but worth a punt!!

Good Luck


Cheltenham Gold Cup Day

Well I don't believe in karma but if I did it shafted me right royally yesterday. Take Tuesday, sat in my own place, watching my own TV, drinking beer that I'd bought = huge profits!

Yesterday - In Channel 4's box on the finish line, flown there and back, free food and drink all day & great company = not ONE efffing winner, not one. I gave back a bit of my profit from Tuesday but just gotta take it on the chin, stick with what I know and it'll come good again.

My system let me down yesterday & some big stats breaking wins cost me dearly, But as the old saying goes "A bad day at the races is better than a good day at work"

Today is the main event but for me it's the worst day's racing with only four races of interest.

Ballymore Properties Nov Hurdle -

Paul Nicholls does well in this race and 5 or 6 year old who won last time out is what will get the nod for me.

13.05 - Breedsbreeze €50 win @ 10.5

Coral Cup -

A lightly raced last time out winner needed here, JP McManus owned horses have a very strong record.

13.40 - Song of Songs €50 win @ 8.2

Triumph Hurdle -

I have a good strike rate in this race and some key stats I follow. Alan King trained, previous winner on the flat, previous winner last time out, winner on the course and distance & winner of the Cleanevent Hurdle...one horses ticks all these boxes & if he doesn't win I'll want to know why!!!

14.15 - Franchoek €100 win @ 2.46

Gold Cup -

The race that's been billed as the biggest since Milhouse v Arkle back in the day. Two Paul Nicholls trained horses are the main talking points.....Reining champ Kauto Star and Lexus Chase, Hennessy & Arkle winner Denman.

One is a Maserati and the other is a tank & in this race on this ground I'd prefer a tank. Kauto Star has had it easy in my opinion this year, not once has he been pushed to the line and last years Gold Cup was run at an absolute crawl not testing his stamina.

Denman on the other hand carried top weight round Newbury in the mud to land the Hennessy plus lead from the front in the Lexus at Leopardstown......the other thing in Denman's favour is he'll dictate the race and ensure a good gallop, 2nd season novices have a great record in the Gold Cup and I reckon he'll grind Kauto Star down.

15.30 - Denman €100 win @ 2.98

Thanks and Good Luck


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cheltenham Day 3

After the cancellation of yesterdays racing , I will stick with my original choices.

For Thursdays meeting , I fancy the following...

In the Jewson Novices Handicap chase, The Hairy Lemon €50 place

In the ryanair chase, Turko €40 win

In the World Hurdle, Lough Berg €25 place
My way de solzen €50 win

In the Racing Post Plate, Oedipe €25 e/w
Crozan €25 e/w
Patman Du Charmil €25 place
Good Luck everyone

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

12/3 - Cheltenham Day 2

I write to you from the balcony in sunny Spain, the sun is going down, the red wine is being opened and the bookies stung....could life get any better, well yes it can & hopefully will from 2pm tomorrow.

The 2nd day of this marvelous sporting spectacle begins with the Ballymore Properties novice hurdle. The Tolworth hurdle is a good guide for this race, we need a last time winner and a horse that has been lightly raced, needs to be 6 years old, in the top four in the betting & won over 2 miles 4.

Well after sifting through the hopefulls I give you Breedsbreeze (a popular choice for one of my ground floor groupies in the office).

2.00 - Breedsbreeze €50 win @ 10.5 & €25 place @ 3.2

Royal Sunallicance Chase -

A race that has had some winners that have gone onto greatness....Florida Pearl, Trabolgan & Denman in the last 10 years. A last time out winning 7 year old is required & our friend Paul Nicholls is very well respected in this race saddling the last two winners & the Irish have a poor record except horses trained by Willy Mullins.

Silverburn comes out on top for me followed by the long shot Verasi

14.35 - Silverburn €40 win @ 9.2 & €25 place @ 3.05

Verasi €25 place @ 6.2

Queen Mother Champion Chase

Big race of the day and in previous years has been won by some of the greats. Voy Por Ustedes won well for me last year and lines up again, the reigning champion has a shocking record when defending his crown, but a yard in form and Choc Thorton on board who cant go wrong at Cheltenham so who knows.

I'm putting in the Tingle Creek winner Twist Magic also as it's a good reference going back.

3.15 - Voy Por Ustedes €50 win @ 4

Twist Magic €25 win @ 4

Coral Cup

This ones a bit of a lottery, a last time out winner over the distance gets the nod

4.00 - Song of Songs €40 win @ 10.5

Peter O'Sullevan Chase

The BBC's legendary commentator has a race named after him and I reckon they should let the old boy have the mike one last time....I remember him calling home Desert Orchid in the 1989 Gold Cup from my parents living like yesterday dubbed the race that stopped the nation, what joy he is and still rocking upto Cheltenham a week past his 90th birthday....bless him.

One for the older Irish horse is this race, Jonjo O'niel fares well as do horses owned by JP Mcmanus that finished in the frame last time out that wasn't favourite!

Long shot but the stats gods say it, so be it.

4.40 - Pass it on €25 place @ 8.4

The Bumper

A Willy Mullins trained 5 year old that won last time out over ground and distance will get my vote.

5.20 - Apt Approach €40 win @ 5.6

Good Luck folks


Cheltenham Day 1 Results

All in all a great days racing & I was pleased with all of my selctions and only two being out of the frame.

2.00 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 9.6, €25 place @ 3.9 - + €652
Sentry Duty €25 win @ 12.5, €25 place @ 3.95 - €50

Good start!

2.35 - Nolan €50 win @ 3.25 - €50

3.15 - Osana €50 win antipost @ 14.6, €50 win @ 8.8 - €100 (well pissed off)

16.00 - Bob Hall €25 win @ 23 - €25

16.40 - Garde Champetre €50 win @ 6.6 + €380
Heads on the Ground €25 win @ 7.5 - €25

17.20 - Ashkazar €50 win @ 3.7 - €50

So I started the day with €1159 to play with and going into tomorrow I now have €1891, so €732 up for the day....cant knock that. I'll get over Osana by the time the football kicks off!

Catch you tomorrow


Monday, March 10, 2008

11th March - Cheltenham Festival Day One

Hello racing fans....If I ever cared about Christmas I'd say the night before Cheltenham was like Christmas eve but as I don't I have to say that the night before the 1st day of Cheltenham is the longest of the year.

I come to you from Southern Spain, sun burnt and y back aching from this morning's golf but my excitement for tomorrow getting a little bit too much to bare. Since Xmas, sorry the King George many horses have been put through their paces over the courses of the UK & Ireland and the endless preps, supplements, tipsters and guides have been heard, run or read and it's now time to see who lives up and who slips up.

The dark evenings recently have been spent with my face in some sort of form book, horse racing being the only sport which history repeats itself time and time again my tactic is to stick to the trends that have served me so well in recent years.

Supreme Novice Hurdle -

The roar of the 1st race will go up when the horses of the 1st race of the day sets sail. A few strong trends to follow in this race. Solid flat form, winner last time out & only 2 runs over hurdles....Key races are the Royal Bond & Doilette hurdle.

I've gone for Captain Cee Bee and Sentry Duty - both have great flat form so have speed, both won last time out so they are in good nick and both are lightly raced over hurdles.

So it's -

2.00 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 9.6, €25 place @ 3.9
Sentry Duty €25 win @ 12.5, €25 place @ 3.95

Arkle Chase -

The years premier novice chase, this has seen so many of the great so on to big things. Dominated by Alan King in the last two seasons but he has no runner this time out so I'm going for Nolan. The horse is in very goo form as his is yard. The Irish have a shocking record in this race and I can't really give any sort of chance to any of them in this race.

I know it's easy to tip a favourite but I don't care who wins it's all about profit!!!

2.35 - Nolan €50 win @ 3.25

Champion Hurdle -

One of my favourite races of the year and one of my more successfull looking back. The old guard have gone, no more Hardy Eustace, Brave Inca not involved and a few contenders to look at.

Two key trials to consider, the AIG hurdle @ Leapordstown (winner Sizing Europe) and the Boylesports (winner Osana) at Cheltenham, the latter is more relevant in my opinion.

Course form needed, a winner last time out required & be 6 or 7 years old....Folks I give you Osana trained by David Pipe. He was my only anti post bet @ 14.5, on the form he's shown it was worth the €50 punt, I've also backed him again today. He's won on the course and on the ground, the Irish have the form over the years but it's our turn I think so he get's my vote.

3.15 - Osana €50 win antipost @ 14.6, €50 win @ 8.8

William Hill Trophy Handicap

Interesting race where the favourites have a terrible record going back and the Irish have dominate.

Negatives for older horses and top weights...a previous Cheltenham place required.

I've gone for Bob Hall trained by Jonjo O'neil.

16.00 - Bob Hall €25 win @ 23

Cross Country -

This marathon run over the Country course has been dominated by Edna Bolger in recent running, the key trial being the PP Hogan Chase.

16.40 - Garde Champetre €50 win @ 6.6
Heads on the Ground €25 win @ 7.5

Fred Winter Handicap Hurdle -

Last race of the day and my selections would have been a feast or a famine. David Pipe has a good record in this race as do favourites.

17.20 - Ashkazar €50 win @ 3.7

Good luck folks


Saturday, February 23, 2008

23/2 Results

Decent day and the Paul Nicholls/Ruby Walsh partnership again comes up trumps.

2.40 KemptonOslot €30 place @ 2.84 + €85

3.15 Kempton
Gungadu €40 win @ 5.1 + €204
Ungaro €30 place @ 2.82 - €30
Bagan €30 place @ 3.5 - €30

3.35 Newcastle
Bannister Lane €30 win @ 9.3 - €30

End of Day Balance €1159

All good, would have wanted more going into Cheltenham but I'm confident for the Champion Hurdle & the Arkle on the 1st day so I'm hoping for a 5th winning Festival in a row.

Gonna head out to Spain for the week, play golf in the morning and watch Cheltenham in the afternoon then heading back to Dublin on the 12th to fly over to the Cotswolds for the World Hurlde day and see Inglis Drever retain his title and Hardy Eustace nick a place.



Racing Post Chase Kempton Today

I can't resist it....The Racing Post chase at Kempton today.

A handicap (not my favourite race) but again Paul Nicolls heads the market.

Gungadu is the top weight, unfairly so in my book but that's not stopped previous winners in recent years plus he'll like the good going at Kempton today.

I'm going to put the other two market leaders in for a place to cover (try to anyway) and unforseen mishaps.

Others I like on the day are Bannister lane in the Eider chase @ Newcastle & Oslot e/w in the 2.40 at Kempton.

So it's

2.40 Kempton

Oslot €30 place @ 2.84

3.15 Kempton

Gungadu €40 win @ 5.1
Ungaro €30 place @ 2.82
Bagan €30 place @ 3.5

3.35 Newcastle

Bannister Lane €30 win @ 9.3

Lifes been pretty quiet, just looking forward to Cheltenham....one less week to wait!!

Good Luck


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daily Result

Not suprising really that Kauto Star won but I was priced in on Monet's Garden and stuck to my formula but can't win em all.

With no rain forecast for Cheltenham week the only way I can see Kauto Star losing the Gold Cup is if he falls. Denman will be chasing him home if there's no rain and with Denman without Ruby Walsh is not getting past Kauto Star.

That's one race at Cheltenham which won't give me a headache!!!

Cheers JB

Balance €890

Kauto's Last Run Before Cheltenham

Morning all,

Gold cup winner and just about everything else winner Kauto Star runs at Ascot today as the final warm up before trying to join Arkle and Best Mate as multiple Gold Cup winners.

Odds on he is but won't have it all his own way today as last year's winner Monet's Garden lines up along side him....not forgetting Monet's Garden beat Kauto Star at Aintree at the start of the season.

I'm going to be bold and stick €30 on Monet's Garden.

14.25 @ Ascot - Monet's Garden win €30 @ 8.2

Cheers JB

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two Dollar$ to The Pound

A while since my last post, spent a couple of days in Spain giving my new apartment the once over then off to Las Vegas.

Won well on the poker table but spent well with my winnings....the case was much heavier coming home than when I flew out.

Not much racing to speak of, the warm up races before Cheltenham are poor value so I've kept my money on my pocket.

The last three bets I put up drew a complete blank so I'm down to €926.

My bedside reading is mostly compiled of Cheltenham data and I'm going to put a few anti posts on for the Champion Hurdle, World Hurdle and Gold Cup......12.6 for Osana in the Champion Hurdle looks too good to turn down at this stage.

I plan to do my anti post at the weekend so will post then.



Friday, January 18, 2008

Ascot 19/10

Victor Chandler Chase tomorrow and rain is falling giving some boggy conditions, off on holiday tomorrow so a quick offering today as I've got to pack!!

1.10 - Hoh Viss €30 win @ 3.95

1.45 - Hoo La Baloo €30 place @ 5.3

2.20 - Mardomina €30 win @ 1.59

Good Luck and viva Las Vegas


Sunday, January 13, 2008

13/1 - Crept in to Four Figures

Five bets and one return from Leapordstown today.

King John's Castle just coming 2nd gave a me a decent return, he was unlucky not to win which would've been lovely but a milestone has been reached....I'm just over €1,000 in my account which for just over a month in I'm delighted.

1.50 -

King John's Castle win €25 @ 11.5 - €25
King John's Castle place €30 @ 4.2 + €126
Black Apache place €30 @ 3.75 - €30

14.25 -

Indian Pace place €25 @ 3.65 - €25
Deutchsland place €25 @ 4.1 - €25

End of day balance €1,016

It's about 6 weeks to Cheltenham and I can't really see the likes of Paul Nicholls, David Pipe or Alan King running any of their contenders before the Cheltenham festival. There's some decent Antipost betting to be had.

I've still to finish my stats for Cheltenham as yet as the cat and mouse for entries between the big yards is still going on but I'll keep you informed.


13/1 Leapordstown Pierse Meeting

Heavy rainfall on the Emerald Isle this week will test our four legged friends in South Dublin this afternoon, some good horses on show and this is what one is going for.

1.50 -

The Pierse Chase, 9 year old horses have figured well over the last 10 runnings with 50% of them winning, favourites have a shocking record with one return in 10.

A couple of horses who love the mud are out there today so I'm going with -

1.50 -

King John's Castle win €25 @ 11.5
King John's Castle place €30 @ 4.2
Black Apache place €30 @ 3.75

14.25 -

Two horses that won for me over Xmas are back again, same track, same ground hopefully same result.

Indian Pace place €25 @ 3.65
Deutchsland place €25 @ 4.1

That's my lot for today...good luck folks


Sunday, January 6, 2008

6th of Jan - Festive Review

Hello folks -

Didn't have time to blog in between Xmas and New Year, Air Lingus and some friends over took up my time.

My last bet I put up Nickname was 2nd so another €25 back to where it cam from but an early morning flight from London to Dublin would see me get home, showered changed and off to Lepordstown for the Lexus chase meeting.

Account Balance €925

Air Lingus decided to delay my flight by nearly two hours and my hop across the Irish sea was the most fearful flight I've ever had....."touches" down, cab home....then off to the races with one of the lads in the office.

I've been to Lepordstown only once before for the Irish Champion stakes, Ascot or Longchamp it's not but it's a quirky little track, with a well staffed bar tote, a real racing crowd there plus one thing allot of race tracks lack A GOOD VIEW OF THE BLOODY RACE!!

Biggy of the day was the Lexus chase, with Paul Nichols star (well one of) Denman ready to run....the price was so short each way action was my only real value here.....Irish hero Beef or Salmon was decent at 4.7 and The Listener was 2.7.....€50 on each, a decent race...Beef or Salmon never really got going and is showing his age and The Listener got pipped on the line for 2nd....€100 down on Betfair.

The were my only "blog bets" but I had €300 in my pocket to play with on the other races. Up and down, up and down I went, then the 2nd to last race of the day I had €50 on a horse called Deutchland (nothing to do with me begin born in Germany).

He get's impeded and comes 2nd....I shake my head, mutter for fuck sake and screw the poisoned betting slip and toss it onto the rain sodden Lepordstown steps and go to the bar. John who I was with was waiting at the bar......BING BONG...."stewards enquiry, stewards enquiry".....half an hour later BING BONG "result over turned...Deutchland is the winner"

Now I like to think I hold myself with a bit of class but off I went out into the rain to search for my €200 euro betting slip.....plus point was I was stood by the Tote so all the betting slips by there had a red stripe barring mine. Trying not to make it obvious to 4 fine fillies stood close by that I was looking for a piece of wet paper on the floor I managed to find it.......overjoyed I was if a little wet I march back through the hall to the track side bookies to get my winnings.

I've seen some funny shit in my time but this is up there, as I walked through the hall I nearly tripped over a fella on his hands and knees sifting through screwed up betting slips, this old fella must of been 70 odd and he was wrecked. I said to him, "'ere mate I've found mine" he replied "good for you Del Boy, I've found half of mine, I'll be here all night if I have to be"

I went and bought him a drink, but he'd gone & I can only assume he'd found what he was looking for bless him.

So after beer, betting, cabs and food I left Leapordstown €100 on the blog and €160 down on the course.....tomorrow is another day!

Account Balance €825

28th......have two friends over, one has never been racing and one is part of the regular Ascot group I go with.

Only one big race today.....The Xmas Hurdle

Went for Jazz Messenger to win @ 2.2 €50 & €50 on the GREAT Hardy Eustace for a place @ 2.6

Jazz Messenger was 3rd but the Great One again gave me a return for holding on for 2nd after making all the running

They were my only bog bets, Tony McCoy AGAIN decided to try my patience, fell on one horse I backed when cruising and then come from nowhere to pip a horse I'd backed on the line....aggggggggrrrrrr, given his shocking rides on Straw Bear and Exotic Dancer he really is not my favourite person at the moment.

A good day had by all and that was that for another Christmas

Account Balance €905

Tolworth Hurdle @ Sandown 5th Jan

Interesting race, had Calgary Bay to win with the favourite Breedbreeze running in the colours of Best Mate also to win.

Calgary Bay €50 win @ 4.6
Breedbreeze €50 win @ 2.2

Breedbreeze won well with Calgary Bay 3rd...just nice to get a winner again!! Keep an eye for Breedbreeze at Cleltenham as Sandown has a similar hill to climb at the closing stages.

Account Balance €965

Going to do some Anti posts for Cheltenham midweek.....cheers till then