Friday, May 16, 2008

Chester Results & York

Not had a second to write....sorry for my tardyness!

Results of the last blog are here -

Chester 2.45 -

All the Aces - €25 place @ 3.8 + 120
Pampas Cat - €50 win @ 4.2 - 50

2.15 -Maraahel - €50 win @ 2.8 - 50

3.15 -Aversity - €50 win @ 7.4 - 50

End of Day Balance - €4249

French Guniess -

Rio De La Plata - €100 win @ 2.3 - €100

End of Day Balance - €4149

Had bets in the big four at York this week without much joy if I'm honest, not got time to type it all out but I'm €350 down despite backing Geordieland for a place....My sentimental bet for the week Sergant Cecil let me down but he owes me nothing god love him.

The Derby trial was an interesting one....none of the Godolphin horses have run well all week. They've got 4 big 3 year old hopes and none have run well at all in the trials.....Rio De La Plata should have won the French Gunieas with easy but Frankie was showing off in my opinion.

New approach beaten, Henry the Nav isn't an Epsom horse, Rio De La Plata beaten, Il Khabldun beaten, Henry Cecil's horses beaten......when it comes to the Derby for the 1st time in 10 years I can honestly say I have no idea who will win.

I thought this year would be a big year for the royal blue but it's not gone their way and the Classic form and trials are not pointing to a winner yet.

The Oaks is the's all a mystery, still I love it!!

I fly home tomorrow so posting maybe an issue as will getting a bet on!

Till then Good Luck


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