Friday, June 13, 2008

Epsom Results 13/6

Didn't get a chance to post before the Derby but my earlier posts would've outlined who I was going for ante post anyhow.

Epsom this year is the only festival I've been on the losing side had to happen I suppose, lots of big trends broken but worthy winners of the biggeies none the less. Only had one yes ONE winner in two days of Group Class horse racing....The Derby being the winner!!

Rose Bowl Handicap -2.45 - Escape Route €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

Coronation Cup - 3.25 - McCarthur €50 win @ 13 - €50
Red Rocks €25 place @ 4.2 - €25
Soldier of fortune €50 lay @ 2.7 - €135

Oaks 4.05 - Lush Lashes €50 win @ 3.5 - €50
Cape Amber €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

End of Day Balance - €3,839

Derby - I didn't get online before the day itself, it was a great day....headed down to Surrey, called into my old Boss for a beer enroute. It was a friends birthday so 10 of us piled into the Grandstand. It's not finished but the Epsom "vibe" was there as it always is and it was great stood there gazing over thousands of people having a great time sharing one common interest.

Well the race itself was shrowded in doubt with New Approach entering the frame and Jim Bolger doing his best to enforce the steriotypical Irishman act.

I'd had €100 on New Approach since his Dewhurst win in October 2007 (following the Sir Percy trend) but I'd gone big on Rio de la Plata who come 7th. Plus I'd had Indian Pass in the Dash before the Derby....2nd!!

Dash - Indian Pass €50 win @ 3.6 - €50

The Derby - New Approach €100 win @ 4.8 + €580
Rio De La Plata €150 win @ 22 - €150
Rio De La Plata €100 place @ 6.2 - €100

End of Day Balance - €4,119

Ascot next week, cannot fucking WAIT!! I've been dealt a huge blow, it's hit me like a death of a reletive....Ramonti will not be running. Bless him he's not fully fit and the Goldolphin are going to save him for Goodwood, also Creachdior is out, maybe for good. So that's two bankers down for the week.

I have high hopes for joyfull horses such as Aussie star Takeover Target, Irish hopes Septimus & Duke of Marmalade & Henry the Navigator, where the Godophin are going to find a winner is tough to see. Rio de La Plata might nick a place behind Henrythenavigator but who knows.

Good Luck and I'll be on for next week.


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