Sunday, January 6, 2008

6th of Jan - Festive Review

Hello folks -

Didn't have time to blog in between Xmas and New Year, Air Lingus and some friends over took up my time.

My last bet I put up Nickname was 2nd so another €25 back to where it cam from but an early morning flight from London to Dublin would see me get home, showered changed and off to Lepordstown for the Lexus chase meeting.

Account Balance €925

Air Lingus decided to delay my flight by nearly two hours and my hop across the Irish sea was the most fearful flight I've ever had....."touches" down, cab home....then off to the races with one of the lads in the office.

I've been to Lepordstown only once before for the Irish Champion stakes, Ascot or Longchamp it's not but it's a quirky little track, with a well staffed bar tote, a real racing crowd there plus one thing allot of race tracks lack A GOOD VIEW OF THE BLOODY RACE!!

Biggy of the day was the Lexus chase, with Paul Nichols star (well one of) Denman ready to run....the price was so short each way action was my only real value here.....Irish hero Beef or Salmon was decent at 4.7 and The Listener was 2.7.....€50 on each, a decent race...Beef or Salmon never really got going and is showing his age and The Listener got pipped on the line for 2nd....€100 down on Betfair.

The were my only "blog bets" but I had €300 in my pocket to play with on the other races. Up and down, up and down I went, then the 2nd to last race of the day I had €50 on a horse called Deutchland (nothing to do with me begin born in Germany).

He get's impeded and comes 2nd....I shake my head, mutter for fuck sake and screw the poisoned betting slip and toss it onto the rain sodden Lepordstown steps and go to the bar. John who I was with was waiting at the bar......BING BONG...."stewards enquiry, stewards enquiry".....half an hour later BING BONG "result over turned...Deutchland is the winner"

Now I like to think I hold myself with a bit of class but off I went out into the rain to search for my €200 euro betting point was I was stood by the Tote so all the betting slips by there had a red stripe barring mine. Trying not to make it obvious to 4 fine fillies stood close by that I was looking for a piece of wet paper on the floor I managed to find it.......overjoyed I was if a little wet I march back through the hall to the track side bookies to get my winnings.

I've seen some funny shit in my time but this is up there, as I walked through the hall I nearly tripped over a fella on his hands and knees sifting through screwed up betting slips, this old fella must of been 70 odd and he was wrecked. I said to him, "'ere mate I've found mine" he replied "good for you Del Boy, I've found half of mine, I'll be here all night if I have to be"

I went and bought him a drink, but he'd gone & I can only assume he'd found what he was looking for bless him.

So after beer, betting, cabs and food I left Leapordstown €100 on the blog and €160 down on the course.....tomorrow is another day!

Account Balance €825

28th......have two friends over, one has never been racing and one is part of the regular Ascot group I go with.

Only one big race today.....The Xmas Hurdle

Went for Jazz Messenger to win @ 2.2 €50 & €50 on the GREAT Hardy Eustace for a place @ 2.6

Jazz Messenger was 3rd but the Great One again gave me a return for holding on for 2nd after making all the running

They were my only bog bets, Tony McCoy AGAIN decided to try my patience, fell on one horse I backed when cruising and then come from nowhere to pip a horse I'd backed on the line....aggggggggrrrrrr, given his shocking rides on Straw Bear and Exotic Dancer he really is not my favourite person at the moment.

A good day had by all and that was that for another Christmas

Account Balance €905

Tolworth Hurdle @ Sandown 5th Jan

Interesting race, had Calgary Bay to win with the favourite Breedbreeze running in the colours of Best Mate also to win.

Calgary Bay €50 win @ 4.6
Breedbreeze €50 win @ 2.2

Breedbreeze won well with Calgary Bay 3rd...just nice to get a winner again!! Keep an eye for Breedbreeze at Cleltenham as Sandown has a similar hill to climb at the closing stages.

Account Balance €965

Going to do some Anti posts for Cheltenham midweek.....cheers till then


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