Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cheltenham Result's

Well it's Sunday and the end of a very event full week. It started in sunny Spain at The Ramonti Residence, I st on my balcony soaking up the sun a world away from the gale force winds and lashing rain at home.

I'd spend months MONTHS with my head in form books, stats books, making endless notes on horses and trainers on, watching reruns of races on and youtube. It can get obsessive but there's no point putting your money down with out the information to hand.....anyway that's what I think.

My system is to back horses on the strength of the previous 10 years stats, age, trainer, key trial races, betting patterns and form.

The 1st day my trusty trend knowledge served me well with a handsome €700 odd profit, but with a 5 year old (Katchit) breaking all the trends in the Champion Hurdle it started to put doubt in my mind that it might be one of those weeks......and it was.

So by the end of the days play on Tuesday I'm up and feeling good, I leave the sunshine of Spain and head back to Dublin where I'd watch the racing from the living room, but Gail force winds force the course directors to call it off and the races would be run on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday comes, I'm up, showered, shaved dress in my best and ready to go racing. Nothing beats being there but today was one of those days when all the annoyance of the year at work, the pricks who try my patience day after day, the things I disagree with & even the run up to Christmas 2006 all washed away when I stepped out of the balcony of Channel 4's box and looked out onto the course and in line with the finish line.

A racing fan couldn't get a better view and when I've figured out how to get the photo's off of my phone I'll stick them up. I kinda pride myself on the sporting events I've been to in my time (spent far too much money going to them but hey) but this had to be one of the best....couple of winners would have been nice!!

As much as it was great getting 10 top class races on Thursday, I would have prefer ed the week to have taken it's natural course, there was no rest bite and stakes were a little high for one days racing for me.

I travelled back a little merry to Dublin with my party, I got in about 1am....set my alarm as I had tickets for Gold Cup day and flights & catching up in London to do after.....but no, I was as sick as a pig when I woke up. I got showered and dressed, felt better then left the house only to get as far as the end of the drive and my day was all over. It was tough sending the text to the lads saying I wasn't going to be there.

Gold Cup day - I'd looked forward to it since last year, I should have been in Betfair's tent, swigging a nice pint, chatting away, pocket's bulging but I was at home lay ed out on my sofa with the duvet over me feeling worse than ever.

Voy Por Ustedes and My Way De Zolzan losing created a great big dent in Tuesday's profit and the 1st three races I had interest didn't help so bring on the Gold Cup. I can't remember the last time I'd picked up the Racingpost without there being some sort of reference to the Kauto Star v Denman head to head.

For those who read my pre Gold Cup post I'd pointed out that Kauto Star has had everything his own way this season and I had reservations about his stamina if tested. The race was run how I called it with Denman taking up the lead with a circuit to go. His jumping was sublime and the pace he set forced Kauto Star into mistakes as the turned for home Sam Thomas stoked up the tank and away he went.

Kauto Star battled for 2nd but was a beaten horse 4 fences out.....Denman got me back to winning ways but with 70% of the money bet on the Gold Cup going on Kauto Star it's great satisfaction to prove so many racing journalist wrong but the bookies cleaned up but they didn't clean up from everybody. I'd backed my system through out knowing it was the way to go and it backed me in my hour (or 6 and a half minutes) of need.

Here's the tale of it all.....

Tuesday -

2.00 - Captain Cee Bee €50 win @ 9.6, €25 place @ 3.9 - + €652

Sentry Duty €25 win @ 12.5, €25 place @ 3.95 - €50

2.35 - Nolan €50 win @ 3.25 - €50

3.15 - Osana €50 win antipost @ 14.6, €50 win @ 8.8 - €100 (well pissed off)

16.00 - Bob Hall €25 win @ 23 - €25

16.40 - Garde Champetre €50 win @ 6.6 + €380

Heads on the Ground €25 win @ 7.5 - €25

17.20 - Ashkazar €50 win @ 3.7 - €50

End of day balance €1,891

Thursday -

12.30 - Pass it on €25 place @8.4 - €25

13.05 - Silverburn €40 win @ 9.2 & €25 place @ 3.05 -€65
Verasi €25 place @ 6 - €25

13.40 - The Hairy Lemon €25 place @ 5.7 - €25

14.20 - Voy Por Ustedes €50 win @ 4 - €50
Twist Magic €25 win @ 4 - €25

14.55 - Turko €40 win @ 7.2 - €40

15.3o - My Way De Solzen €40 win @ 6.5 - €40

16.05 - Oedipe €25 place @ 4.2 - €25

Crozan €25 place @ 3.8 - €25

Patman Du Charmil €25 place @ 4.9 - €25

End of day balance €1,571 ouch!!

Gold Cup Day

13.05 - Breedsbreeze €50 win @ 10.5 - €50

13.40 - Song of Songs €50 win @ 8.2 - €50

14.15 - Franchoek €100 win @ 2.46 (you prick McCoy) - €100

15.30 - Denman €100 win @ 2.98 + €398 (told you all along)

End of week balance €1,769

So I'm €610 to the good for the week which taking into consideration the bookies have had the spoils over the course of the week I've not done badly. Thursday was a hard day on the bottom line and I'm thinking if I'm to make this goal of €25,000 I need my system to stand up in the big races and some funny things happened this week but it started well and it ended well.

I loved it this week, a real race fans week but the old foe banked a few quid but not off of me!

So up for the week and up for the year. Aintree in three weeks time so talk to you then.



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