Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday 7th of December....€500 to €25,000

My name is John....I'm 30, English, about 2 stone overweight, unmarried, uninterested in most things, live and work in Dublin.

My life story isn't an exciting one but I love horse racing, it stems from a young age watching Desert Orchid on TV and my 1st trip to Epsom when Lamtarra smashed the course record in 1995 to land The Derby & give me a 14/1 return on my £30 bet (a fortune for one so young back then) and I was in love with the sport.

Since then money won and lost would have probably seen the old foe ahead until I decided to concentrate only on Group 1 races and Grade 1 races on the jumps and it's been a different story since then.

I'm not rich and if I'm honest any winnings I've had have gone either in the pub, the resturants or a cloths shop in Covent Garden but if the bookies treat you to a Saturday night out then you are a rich man in my opinion.

I've been sharing my knowledge with friends and coworkers for a few years now and have even been invited to write for the BBC. A recent phone call from an old friend set me a challenge of turning €500 into €25,000 in the space of 12 months using my Betfair account.

This isn't for charity or any of that bollocks it's just something to keep me focused and have fun with....what will I do with the money if I succeed? Well I'll probably take a lass I have my eye on shopping and then goto South Africa to watch England play cricket next Christmas & New Year......the rest I'll keep.

Anyway....that's what I'm doing, purley Horse Racing, backing and laying.

Remember......A bad day at the races is better than a good day at work.


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